Nufarm offers powerful insecticides and miticides with proven effectiveness on the most threatening pests. These solutions bring you multiple modes of action to manage resistance development and deliver results that grow healthy, marketable greenhouse crops.

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Trust TetraSan and Minx 2 with Engulf GHN Greenhouse and Ornamental Miticide* to knock down mites at every life stage. With three unique actives in play, this rotation has the muscle to hold back resistance, too.

Engulf™ GHN Greenhouse and Ornamental Miticide delivers effective mite control with an advanced, higher concentration formula. Labeled for application at lower use rates (for example, Floramite® SC at 4–8 fl oz vs Engulf GHN at 2–4 fl oz), Engulf GHN supports both mixing convenience and reduced visible residue. Its novel mode-of-action provides quick knockdown and lasts up to 28 days on 18 common mite pests, including grass, red, and two-spotted spider mites. Engulf GHN is tough on mite pests, yet beneficial-friendly to more than 11 predaceousmites and insects. Plus, it complements proven Minx™ 2 Miticide/Insecticide and TetraSan® 5 WDG Miticide/Ovicide solutions to bring growers our most powerful mite rotation program yet. Engulf GHN may be used in greenhouse and shadehouse ornamental crops, greenhouse-grown tomatoes, and conifer plantation settings.

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