During the period 22nd to 26th of Oct.18 a group of selected Sudanese visitors 3 guests form Kenana Sugar Company (KSCO), 1 guest from White Nile Sugar Company (WNSCO), 1 guest from Agriculture Research Corporation ( ARC ) and 3 guests from CTC came to Paris in response to an invitation from Nufarm Africa.

The intention was to
  • Provide the guests with opportunity to witness the high quality of Nufarm products resulting from strict quality control measure exhibited at Nufarm manufacturing plants, hence a visit to the plant at Gailon was arranged and proved to be successful and achieve the objective behind it.
  • To strength the relationship between Nufarm and the Sugar sector as Nufarm registered products are widely used in Sugarcane plantation , furthermore our planning to orovide solutions for ever dragging problems of termites or White grubs in particular in addition to preliminary discussion about the merits of using suSCon.
  • The visit reserved a complete day for discussing the potential of Sugar industry in Sudan and Nufarm solutions.
  • The visit provided an opportunity to have a business meeting between Africa team and CTC Agrochemical with Gerhard the historic relationship was highlighted emphasizing the role of Nufarm in introducing the start of using modern technology practices to replace the traditional methods  in the rainfed sectors in Sudan.