A suspension concentrate contact fungicide and bactericide to control diseases on different crops

A Flowable containing 345 g/L of Tribasic Copper Sulfate.
Cuproxat premium copper fungicide delivers better plant coverage, which means better protection against fungal and bacterial diseases. Cuproxat fungicide is engineered with proprietary chemistry to produce superior coverage through smaller and more uniform particles (80 percent of particles are less than 1 micron). The premium formulation readily mixes in water and stays suspended longer than any other liquid formulation.

• Control key fungal and bacterial diseases with peace of mind
• Excellent crop safety and low use rates
• Broad label of greenhouse and nursery crops including vegetables and herbs

• Consistent, sub-micron particle size for better coverage and disease control
• Combines the fast activity of copper hydroxide and the long-lasting activity of copper sulfate
• Pours and mixes easily with no sedimentation
• Slower breakdown under irrigation