Noel smiles and the crinkles around his eyes deepen. They bunch and soften, like a well worn road that knows its bends and turns back to front. Rubbing his hands on his grease stained shirt, he leans down and plucks an onion that has just been lifted by the picker.

“This is how I was taught to peel an onion without crying,” Noel deftly tops and tails the onion, and makes a precise incision along the vein of the brown layers.

Carefully peel back the skin and I swear you won’t cry.

The answer to an age old question, straight from the onion grower himself.

Fun fact: After lifting, this paddock yielded 31.5 tonnes per acre which is 75 tonnes per hectare. That’s a lot of onion rings!

We know that growers, like Noel, take the utmost care growing their crops into quality produce. 

Here are our best performing products to use on onions. 

Downright is our expert fungicide for the control of various diseases of onions. Most efficient when mixed with mancozeb or Polyram DF.

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Your best bet for pre-emergent weed control in onions. With excellent grass and broadleaf weed control, you can rest assured that your crops will establish and thrive without the competition. 

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