Barley industry advice update

April 2 2019

Barley Australia has released a statement regarding the use of “imi” chemistry in barley intended for export. The notification will affect the use of our Intercept® and Sentry®.

The statement recommends that growers carefully consider the use of imidazolinone chemicals on their imi tolerant barley varieties. Bulk handlers and grain traders may require a vendor declaration on the use of imidazolinone chemicals and may have receival site segregation.
Critical points

  • This restriction is potentially short-term if applications to receiving countries to increase MRLs (maximum residue levels) to similar levels to Australia is successful
  • Residue limits are different for each country
  • imi residues have restricted the sale of some barley into Japan and South Korea
  • This does not affect the use of these products in wheat or canola
  • Sentry and Intercept can still be legally used according to the label and can be used for barley not destined for export

The APVMA have set MRLs for the actives registered, however other countries may have MRLs set to lower levels than Australia. Exported barley needs to comply with the receiving countries’ standards.
Residue testing programs are regularly implemented on grain held in storage and results have indicated that residues of Imazapyr in grain is at levels that exceed some markets. The barley grain traders have had to look for alternative markets to supply this product and have concerns that future market access may be impacted.

Barley Australia is working with stakeholders to make applications with overseas markets seeking a higher MRL to enable imi tolerant varieties to be supplied to those markets. However, as a short-term action they are recommending growers carefully consider the use of imidazolinone chemical on their imi tolerant barley.

Sentry and Intercept can still be legally used according to the label, and will remain registered. This does not affect domestic markets, however we need to understand that growers should adhere to the request by Barley Australia to carefully consider the use of the products on barley destined for export so that market access is not impacted. This does not affect the use of these products in wheat or canola.

Adherence to this request will assist in the long-term sustainability of the barley industry in Australia. Read more at

If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to contact Nufarm’s Technical Marketing Lead via the email below;

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