Amicide Advance 700 & Tazer Xpert

Better Together

Some things really are better together. Would you wear boots without socks?  Or would you have a roast without gravy? 


Nufarm’s Amicide Advance 700 is better when paired with our leading fungicide, Tazer Xpert.  As your crops grow this season, so does the risk of foliar diseases in oats, barley and wheat. 
Importantly for this time of the season, and with variability in crops becoming a bigger consideration across the regions, we know that peace of mind and time savings are at the front of your planning. This is why the combination of Amicide Advance 700, mixed with Tazer Xpert makes them better together.

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Better together

Growers recommend Amicide Advance 700 & Tazer Xpert

This season for the first time, we have tank mixed Tazer Xpert fungicide with Amicide Advance 700, finding the two products quite compatible in the tank.

This tank mix is also providing good control of diseases like Septoria in wheat, net blotch in barley and Septoria and stem rust in the oats, where we are aiming for greener hay and less risk of weather damage like spotting on the leaves.

Gnowangerup farmer and director of Commodity Ag, Alan Richardson.

Formulated, tested and made in Australia



Read about the benefits of Nufarm’s leading 2,4-D and fungicide to learn why they are better together. Formulated, tested and made right here in Australia for Australian conditions.

Unmatched compatibility

Wondering why Amicide Advance 700 is best for you?

Learn more about its benefits 

This unique, high strength and robust amine formulation with dual salt technology, offers superior compatibility while delivering excellent weed control in Summer fallow, pre-em knockdown and in crop.

Dual Salt Technology 

  • Overcomes inherent incompatibility of 2,4-D with glyphosate.

Quality high load 700g/L

  • The best 2,4-D amine formulation with an excellent crop safety profile

Made locally from Australian materials

  • Always available when the season demands it for Summer fallow, pre-em knockdown and in crop applications

Unsurpassed control

Need unsurpassed control of fungal diseases in your cereals?

Learn why Tazer Xpert is superior

Nothing beats the feeling of an increased yield after months of long, hard days. Of course we understand that getting there also requires the best fungal disease solution upfront, to protect your wheat, barley or oats. For unrivalled efficacy you can’t go past Tazer Xpert.

Consistent performer

  • Time after time, Tazer Xpert provides a high level of disease control when used at 500mL/ ha plus Banjo at 1%.

Premium cereal fungicide

  • Dual mode of action for greater efficacy.

Optimised formulation

  • Allows actives to perform at their best and provide superior disease control.

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