Improve yield and marketable produce with Nufarm Amishield. Amishield offers potato growers a new Mode of Action to control Powdery Scab and suppression of Pink Rot from planting to harvest.

Through having worked side by side with growers for over 100 years, Nufarm is Australian Through and Through. We know how to help you get the most from your land, especially when managing challenging diseases such as Powdery Scab and Pink Rot. Protect your investment from the start with Nufarm Amishield.

  • The only registered fungicide for the control of powdery scab in potatoes.
  • Improved yield and skin finish means more marketable produce
  • Excellent safety profile for light and heavy soils – no impact on emergence and vigour












Best Practice Application

Correct application is critical to get the most from Nufarm Amishield. Leave your details and be connected to your local Nufarm representative.



For further information on Nufarm Amishield, you can access the Technote for Potaotes

Nufarm Amishield has a new look, with the same formulation you know and trust. Learn more about our grower-led improvements today.

New Labels

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