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We’re Partners. Through challenges. Through successes. We know working the land has its ups and downs, and we’ve seen  it all. By continuing to support Nufarm, you’re choosing Australian – Australian jobs, Australian innovation and a strong Australian supply chain.

Nufarm is the only global crop protection brand with significant manufacturing assets in Australia and its commitment to being a true partner for growth includes focusing on our Australian heritage.

Just in time supply doesn’t mean supplied reliably. Together we can respond when unexpected events happen – be they supply driven, demand driven, or both, as we experienced in recent years. We all have to plan better, collaborate better and share risk and when we all work together, we can ensure our products that are trusted, are there when they’re needed.       

Through working together as farmers, channel partners and supplier we can secure local crop protection solutions for Australians. Through our research, stewardship and our formulations, we’re an Australian agriculture partner through and through.

Choosing Nufarm means you’re choosing Australian jobs.

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New look. Same quality formulations. Still Australian Through &Through.

In response to overwhelming grower demand, we’re re-branding our Australian product range. This is a once-in-a-generation change that we believe will give Australia’s growers exactly what they want.

As Australian Through & Through, we’ve made these changes to address the needs of Australian growers to make our products easier to identify and use. If you have feedback on these improvements, please use this form to let us know your thoughts:

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It’s very important to our economy and for having consistent quality and supply that we have Australian suppliers. Imported chemical doesn’t have the same quality. If something goes wrong, who do you go to? With reps on the ground, it’s Australian and quality, I like to buy Nufarm and most of our product is Nufarm. Weedmaster Argo, Ester Xtra 680. It’s good quality. You pour it out of the drum, and you know it just works.

Andrew Dumaresqs, farmer, Gregadoo, NSW

I think we collectively have an excellent opportunity to promote your local production and our business strategy to farmers – along with new ways to approach transacting business with key farmer customers. Time is right to have the conversation. Well done on the message and overall communication to retailers during the chaos of the recent months.

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Whether it be Broadacre or Horticulture, we have a wide portfolio of leading solutions you can trust. From our 2,4-D that’s as Australian as you are, to our complementary range of crop protection solutions for all of your vines, fruits, veggies and trees. Learn about our products today.

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Our commitment to being a true partner for growth includes focusing on our Australian heritage. We are focused on working together with our customers to ensure Australian farmers have quality solutions they can trust. Want to speak with your local specialist?

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