Nufarm is Australian Through & Through. Our on-the-ground Australian experience has delivered leading solutions made for our unique Australian conditions. From herbicides and fungicides to insecticides, miticides and adjuvants, Nufarm has a product for every stage of brassica growth.

Get upfront clubroot protection from the moment your crop goes in the ground with Amishield™. Incorporate the one, two combination of Ramrod and Dacthal for effective residual weed control, and keep the broadspectrum insecticide Kaiso 240EG at-the-ready for fast knockdown.

Of course, for excellent control of white blister and downy mildew, you can always rely on Amicus Blue, while Tri-base blue is the perfect go-to for proven effective knockdown and lasting control on a range of fungal diseases.

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The best protection for brassica vegetables, get upfront protection from the moment your crop goes in the ground with Amishield. A novel fungicide for the control of club root and the suppression of damping off.

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With a new active group and chemistry, Amicus Blue provides high performance resistance and control of white blister and downy mildew in brassica vegetable crops.

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Dacthal is widely known for its proven effectiveness as a pre-emergent herbicide and offers control or suppression of more than 50 species of broadleaf weeds and annual grasses.

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Convenient, low use rate insecticide that delivers value in every granule. Kaiso 240EG is a broadspectrum pyrethroid insecticide combining fast knockdown with residual activity.

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Tri-Base Blue with tribasic copper sulphate gives a more uniform release of copper ions for superior, long-lasting protection against Downy Mildew and leaf/ring spots.

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The perfect one, two combination with Dacthal, this high performance liquid herbicide is known for its strength in targeting a range of grass and broadleaf weeds. Ramrod can also be used with Rifle 440 to increase the weed spectrum.

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