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From our Australian formulated with Australian Mallee salt 2,4-D that’s as Australian as you, to ten-years in the making Australian innovated, Australian-made CRUCIAL, to our proven range of Broadacre herbicides, insecticides and seed treatments, we have the solution for you and your crop.

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We have a long history as a business working in, for and supporting Australian Horticulture. Discover what leading solutions we have for you and your crops today.

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Our commitment to being a true partner for growth includes focusing on our Australian heritage. Just in time supply doesn’t mean supplied reliably. Together we can respond when unexpected events happen – be they supply driven, demand driven, or both, as we experienced in  2020. We need more collaboration across the supply chain (growers, the channel & suppliers). We all have to plan better, collaborate better and share risk and when we all work together, we can ensure our products that are trusted, are there when they’re needed.

Nufarm is the only crop protection manufacturer focused on Australia.        

Through working together as farmers, channel partners and supplier we can secure local crop protection solutions for Australians. Through our research, stewardship and our formulations, we’re an Australian agriculture partner end to end.

Choosing Nufarm means you’re choosing Australian jobs.

Commit to more local with your 2021 Paddock Plan

There are benefits to supporting an Australian agricultural supply chain through and through.

From grower’s dollars going to an Australian crop protection business, through to growers and their food and fibre getting more support at the supermarket checkout by Australian consumers.

If your farm used Nufarm solutions for just one extra paddock spray, we’d have a secure local crop protection future. This increase, supporting an Australian company that is Nufarm, means we all win in securing local inputs for local farmers.