When you think 2,4-D expertise, think Nufarm Australia. Our locally innovated and formulated solution, Nufarm DROPZONE, is setting a new standard for weed control.

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Unique formulation

Improved droplet retention results in better efficacy and faster brownout.

The photo shows a trial result from the Darling Downs, demonstrating the efficacy benefit over traditional 2,4-D formulations.

Droplet Optimisation

Spray and stay on your target with the right sized droplets for better control and less drift

The droplet optimisation technology within the formulation of Nufarm DROPZONE has enabled the delivery of a narrow span of droplet size compared with traditional 2,4-D amine formulations, this span reduction is seen in the below data which shows Nufarm DROPZONE reduces the span by 14% when applied as very coarse spray quality.

Low odour

Enhance your application experience with our new low odour formulation

“We’re conscious of people being able to smell the products we’re using and the situation we find ourselves in, especially being in close proximity to food processing plants, solar farms and horticulture. Having that low-odour option now is extremely important to us.”

Mark Nulty, Broadacre Farmer, Mildura

Australian innovation for uniquely Australian challenges

Nufarm has invested significant resources and over 10 years into developing Nufarm DROPZONE, which is another demonstration of our continued 2,4-D stewardship for Australian agriculture and commitment to Australian growers.

As Australian Through and Through, we always look for ways to support local agriculture through our investment in Australian research, development and manufacturing. That’s why we’ve designed, developed and tested DROPZONE right here in Australia, for Australian conditions.

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Reduced buffer zones thanks to droplet optimisation technology

When you’re spraying, droplets less than 150 microns are ineffective and have an increased potential to drift. The most common solution up to now has been to use a larger spray quality – like very coarse or ultra coarse – or drift reducing adjuvants (DRA), which both increase droplet size.

This innovation means that Nufarm DROPZONE is getting more of the spray volume at the ideal size – between 150 and 720 microns – so you’re getting excellent coverage and efficacy, while reducing the potential for drift. With DROPZONE, up to 96% of spray volume is in that ideal zone. There’s no more compromise – that’s what makes it a real game changer.

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