Nufarm is Australian Through & Through. Our on-the-ground Australian experience has delivered leading solutions made for our unique Australian conditions. From herbicides and fungicides to insecticides, miticides and adjuvants, Nufarm has the right solutions for you.


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Our Australian heritage coupled with our commitment to horticulture in Australia, make us a true partner for growth.

We all have to plan better, collaborate more and share risk. And when we all work together, we can ensure our products are there when they’re needed. Through working together as farmers, channel partners and your trusted supplier, we can secure local crop protection solutions for Australians. Learn why this matters with Nufarm, Australian Through & Through

Choosing Nufarm means you’re choosing Australian jobs.

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Learn more about Amishield

The best protection for brassica vegetables, get upfront protection from the moment your crop goes in the ground with Amishield. A novel fungicide for the control of club root and the suppression of damping off.

Learn more about Intervene

A new mode of action fungicide for use in vines, berries and apples, Nufarm’s Intervene provides a flexible disease management tool for grape, berry and apple producers.

Learn more about Tri-Base Blue

Tri-Base Blue with tribasic copper sulphate gives a more uniform release of copper ions for superior, long-lasting protection against Downy Mildew and leaf/ring spots.