New look. Same quality formulations. Still Australian Through &Through.

In response to overwhelming grower demand, we’re re-branding our Australian product range. This is a once-in-a-generation change that we believe will give Australia’s growers exactly what they want.

We’re making three main improvements:

  1. Introducing a new product label across our Australian product range
  2. Re-branding our commodity products as “Nufarm ‘Active Ingredient'”
  3. Making a raft of functional upgrades to all labels.

The top third of the new label clearly displays the name of the high value product, or the active ingredient. The bottom two-thirds shows:

  • application; colour coded by segment
  • formulation type
  • Nufarm logo, Nufarm – Australian Through and Through, and web address
  • QR code to the product’s safety data sheet and label on our website.

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As Australian Through & Through, we’ve made these changes to address the needs of Australian growers to make our products easier to identify and use. If you have feedback on these improvements, please use this form to let us know your thoughts:


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Formulation on the front

9 in 10 customers told us having the product’s formulation on the front Label is important.

To assist in tank mix orders and compatibility, this critical information is now clearly on the front of all sizes of all of our products, colour-coded by the same application colour for ease and clarity.

Colour-coded by application

Whilst there is no single colour-code adopted locally or Globally by crop protection suppliers, we heard that 8 in 10 customers want us to adopt colours by Herbicide, Fungicide, Insecticide, etc and stick with them.

That’s what we’ve done and these colours will be consistently applied across of all our products, current and future.

QR codes on the front

9 in 10 customers told us putting QR codes that can be scanned for the downloading of the product’s SDS and Label/booklet was important.

We’ve implemented these easy to use codes on every product, with its code uniquely created for each product. Now you can simply open your camera app on your Smartphone, and click on the link to download its SDS and booklet.

Named by what's in the drum

8 in 10 customers want our commodity products to be re-named to what’s in the drum.

Instead of brand names that don’t mean anything to growers, we’re changing our commodity products to be clearly named by their primary active ingredient. As our commodity products are cost competitive, we want to ensure you know they’re the better choice to make through labelling them clearly.

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