Add another tool to your disease management program with Nufarm Intervene


At Nufarm, we understand the challenges that growers face every day. That’s why we’ve developed Intervene, a unique product designed to help you optimize your crop yield.


What is Nufarm Intervene?


Nufarm Intervene is a breakthrough in crop management technology. It’s a powerful tool that helps growers like you protect your crops from destructive diseases to ensure your crops stay healthy and productive.

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Intervene in Vines

Respected consultant Jenny Venus shares her recent experience

Intervene in Strawberries

Pinata Farms had success with their strawberry yield

Intervene in Raspberries

Hear about Paradise Fruits’ recent experience in raspberries


Learn more about Intervene in almonds

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Learn more about Intervene in vines

Download the Vines Technote


Learn more about Intervene in berries

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Learn more about Intervene in apples

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Nufarm Intervene

Nufarm Intervene has a new look, with the same formulation you know and trust. Learn more about our grower-led improvements here.