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In the world of agricultural chemicals,
we are a global player.

We’re big and small. Our business is large, stable and built on solid, established values.

And we’re small enough to be quick, agile and fueled by innovative ideas. We know where and how to provide value to our customers. Our products include proven active ingredients, packaged to deliver practical solutions for progressive producers and retailers. Relationships drive our approach to customer service. We work hard to make business simple, streamlined and fun.

We’re Nufarm and we’re proud to be a partner in Australian agriculture.

Why us being Australian matters

Through working together as farmers, channel partners and supplier we can secure local crop protection solutions for Australians. Learn about our new campaign for Nufarm, Australian Through & Through, and book an appointment with your local Nufarm specialist to learn about our leading solutions.

Choosing Nufarm means you’re choosing Australian jobs.

Nufarm Worldwide

A global presence

Nufarm maintains manufacturing and marketing operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Americas and Europe, selling products in more than 100 countries around the world. We employ more than 3,400 people, all of whom make a vital contribution to the company’s reputation for quality products, innovation, first class marketing and technical support.

Head Office: Laverton (Melbourne), Australia

Australian Stock Exchange Symbol: NUF

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Our Family

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We have been building sprayers since 1972, and we will continue to produce innovative quality machinery for our growers.

Seeds with greater purpose become plants with greater potential.