For the control of a wide range of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and vines in established sugar cane.

Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group C Herbicide
Active ingredient(s): diuron(468g/kg)+hexazinone(132g/kg)
Formulation: Dry Flowable

Grow yields, not weeds with superior residual control
We share a common goal – effective weed control… and with Barrage, there’s no better way to ensure that weeds are kept out of your sugar crop. A broad spectrum weed control, providing excellent residual control in established sugar cane, Barrage, is ready and able to lend a hand.
Controls a broad range of weeds
  • Including annual and perennial grasses, vines and other broadleaf weeds.
Suitable for use in all cane growing areas
  • Check product label for timing restrictions.
Effective residual control
  • Control weeds for months not days.