A water dispersible granule formulation for the post-emergence and salvage control of certain broadleaf weeds in winter cereals, clover, fenugreek, lathyrus, lucerne, medic, serradella, and in vetch (Popany only) seed crops and pastures, chickpeas, field peas, lentils, maize, peanuts and for the pre-emergence control of certain broadleaf weeds in maize and soybeans

Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group B Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 800 g/kg Flumetsulam

Formulation: Water Dispersible Granule

Partner-up to conquer post emergent pasture weeds
Weeds. Post emergent weeds. Broadleaf weeds – they’re challenging, but beatable. BroadSword, is the perfect solution to stamp them out, especially when paired with Buttress by Nufarm.
Minimal crop effect
  • Registered to use on grass-based, medics, lucerne and clover pastures along with forage legumes
Watch weeds shrivel while your pasture grows
  • Best results when applied to a competitive pasture stand.
Partner with Buttress for improved results
  • Gives expanded weed control.
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