Nufarm’s Champ Dry Prill is a flowable, low dust copper fungicide for use in key Horticultural crops such as vines, vegetables, and many more.

Product Type: Fungicide
Mode of Action: Group M1
Active Ingredient: 375g/kg Copper present as cupric hydroxide

Formulation: Water Dispersible Granule

Containing 375 g/kg copper as cupric hydroxide, Nufarm’s Champ DP provides significant benefits over alternative copper formulations such as copper oxide or copper oxychloride.

Key features & benefits

Dust Free Formulation 

  • A quality Dry Prill, which provides more favourable handling characteristics than alternative Dry Flowable, Wettable Granule or Wettable Powder formulations which can be dusty. 

Smaller Particle Size 

  • Reduced clumping of the cupric hydroxide with Nufarm’s Champ DP formulation results in a smaller particle size and superior surface area coverage and efficacy compared with competitor Dry Flowable formulations 

Small Prill Sizing 

  • Nufarm’s Champ DP has been developed to enable fast dispersion with no agglomeration in the spray tank. 
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