Designer is a blend of organosilicone super-spreader and a latex polymer. This combination gives the product super-spreading ability combined with improved deposition of droplets, and dramatically improves adhesion of chemicals in wet weather. For use with low volume applications to enhance the spreading and foliage deposition of fungicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and foliar nutrients.

Product Type: Adjuvant
Active ingredient(s): 385g/L Organosilicone surfactant fluid, 255g/L Synthetic latex
Formulation: Liquid

The premium Designer surfactant where super spread meets super sticky
Make your life a little easier with Designer – the best bits of two of your favourite adjuvants combined. It’s the super spreading capability of DuWett united with the deposition and stickiness of Bond. The end result; first rate coverage in large or hard to wet crops or canopies using concentrate spraying. Add into the mix the assurance that Designer will help your product stay stuck, despite rainfall or irrigation and you’re ready to go!
Super spreader
  • Allows concentrate spraying in horticulture for increased efficiency and maximised coverage on hard to wet crops.
Sticker for enhanced adherence
  • Keeps fungicides, insecticides, PGRS or foliar nutrients you apply to your crops from washing off in rainfall or irrigation.
Broad compatibility
  • Compatible with most fungicides, insecticides, PGRs and foliar nutrients.