Kaiso 240EG is a broadspectrum pyrethroid insecticide combining fast knockdown with residual activity. Easy to use and store, our Sorbie Technology offers an alternative to liquid solutions.

Product Type: Insecticide
Mode of Action: Group 3A
Active ingredient(s): 240 g/kg lambda-cyhalothrin
Formulation: Emulsifiable Granule (EG)

For the control of certain insect pests in cotton, barley, wheat and other field crops and in oranges, lemons, brassicas, potatoes, tomatoes and onions. 

Key features & benefits
  • A unique emulsifiable granule technology designed for easy storing, handling & no splashing.
  • Low use rates allow for smaller packs resulting in less manual handling.
  • Broad range of registrations and short withholding periods in key crops, means you only need one product for multiple uses, resulting in less stock on hand.
Compatible Products