Kaiso 240EG

Insecticide with Sorbie Technology

Kaiso now on permit to control Plague Locusts and Spur Throated Locusts

Kaiso now on permit or permit for use in Garlic to control selected mites, aphids, thrips and onion maggot


For the control of certain insect pests in cotton, barley, wheat and other field crops and in oranges, lemons, brassicas, potatoes, tomatoes and onions.

Product Type: Insecticide
Mode of Action: Group 3A
Active ingredient(s): 240 g/kg lambda-cyhalothrin
Formulation: Emulsifiable Granule (EG)

Convenient, low use rate insecticide that delivers value in every granule. Kaiso 240EG is a broadspectrum pyrethroid insecticide combining fast knockdown with residual activity. Easy to use and store, our Sorbie Technology offers an alternative to liquid solutions.

Key features & benefits

Sorbie technology

  • A unique emulsifiable granule technology designed for easy storing, handling & no splashing

Low use rate

  • Low use rates allow for smaller packs resulting in less manual handling

Improved crop registrations and short withholding periods

  • Broad range of registrations and short withholding periods in key crops, means you only need one product for multiple uses, resulting in less stock on hand