Product Type: Seed Treatment
Mode of Action: Group 2B Insecticide
Active ingredient(s): fipronil (500g/L)
Formulation: Suspension Concentrate

Legion insecticide treatment takes the battle directly to pests
We all know farming has its challenges – especially the effective control of pests. Thankfully, Nufarm can help you target these destructive early season suckling and chewing pests with Legion®. This highly targeted insecticide helps maximise crop emergence and establishment – leaving you with one less thing to worry about.
4-6 weeks control of target pests immediately after sowing
  • Crops can emerge and establish without added stress – maximising plant stand and yield potential.
Highly targeted approach to insect control
  • Ideal for Integrated Pest Management.
Highly compatible with other seed treatments
  • Save time while achieving the most efficient result.