Seed dressing for the control of various foliar, seed and soil borne diseases in wheat, barley, oats and triticale and the prevention of spread of barley yellow dwarf virus and for protection against insect pests of stored seed grain. 

Product Type: Seed Treatment
Mode of Action: Group 4A Insecticide and Group 3 4 Fungicide
Active ingredient(s): imidacloprid(180g/L)+metalaxyl-m(15g/L)+flutriafol(6.25g/L)
Formulation: Soluble Liquid (SL)

Nufarm’s Pontiac turbocharges your seed treatment by targeting smuts, bunts, soil pathogens and early sucking pests.

Key features & benefits
  • Unique formulation containing two fungicides and a systemic insecticide. 
  • Ideal fit for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and preservation of beneficial insects. 
  • Use in wheat, barley, oats and triticale.
  • Controls stored grain pests.
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