Seed Treatment

Product Type: Seed Treatment
Mode of Action: Group 4A Insecticide and Group 3 4 Fungicide
Active ingredient(s): imidacloprid(180g/L)+metalaxyl-m(15g/L)+flutriafol(6.25g/L)
Formulation: Soluble Liquid

We’ve put the ‘grunt’ into seed treatment
We know what it takes to work the land, so we’re here to help with the heavy lifting. With Pontiac, our turbocharged seed treatment, you can rest assured you’re getting the added grunt you need. Smuts, bunt, soil pathogens and early sucking pests are in our sights and targeted for superior control.
Healthier seed, seedlings and root systems
  • Promotes stronger establishment and root development.
Pythium control and rhizoctonia suppression
  • Grow yields through decreased loss.
Superior turbocharged formula
  • Helps stop aphid damage and spread of viruses.
Complementary Products