For the control of annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in sorghum and selected vegetable crops.

Product Type: Herbicide
Mode of Action: Group K Herbicide
Active ingredient(s): Propachlor 480g/L
Formulation: Suspension Concentrate 

No one likes weeds competing with their vegetables, so it always pays to stay one step ahead. With Ramrod you can help keep those hard to control weeds at bay. The perfect one, two combination with Dacthal, this high performance liquid herbicide is known for it’s strength in targeting brassica and solanaceae weeds – giving your crop the best possible start.

Key features & benefits

Pre-emergent grass & broadleaf herbicide

  • Grow vegetables not weeds from the get-go, with lasting control.

Robust control of brassica and solanacea weeds

  • Targets and controls many stubborn weeds in vegetables – Shepherd’s Purse, Potato weed and Fleabane among others.

Partner with Dacthal for best results

  • Gives total pre-emergent weed control spectrum with a different mode of action group (group K).

Give your vegetable crops the best start with Ramrod and Dacthal.


Complementary Products