Nufarm Teppan gives you fast and effective insect control to maximise your yield. Nufarm Teppan is a convenient liquid formulation insecticide that reduces damaging insect populations quickly and with long residual control – ensuring they do less damage to maximise a high-quality harvest.

Product Type: Insecticide
Mode of Action: Group 28 Insecticide
Active ingredient(s): Cyclaniliprole 50g/L
Formulation: Soluble Concentrate (SL)

A selective insecticide for the control of codling moth in apples.

Key features & benefits

Knock them down, from larvae to adult

  • Nufarm Teppan offers growers excellent control on egg hatch and larvae and good impact on adults, reducing the overall damage to your crop & managing the population

Fast acting on contact & ingestion

  • Fast action quickly helps manage the pest populations

Liquid formulation for ease of use

  • Easy to measure and mix, with no need for surfactant