For over a century, Nufarm has been helping Australian growers improve their crops through innovations like the superior copper formulation, Tri-Base Blue. Providing exceptional control and extended protection against various fungal diseases, Nufarm’s Tri-Base Blue’s unique liquid formulation makes measuring and pouring easy and dust-free. The perfect solution for use as an alternative to the traditional copper products, Tri-Base Blue has an excellent crop safety profile. Plus with great storage properties and convenient 10L packs and 640L shuttles, Tri-Base Blue should be in every growers’ shed.

Product Type: Fungicide
Mode of Action: Group M1 Fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 190g/L Copper present as tribasic copper sulphate
Formulation: Liquid

Nufarm’s Tri-Base Blue offers superior protection through formulation, coverage, and an extended period of efficacy. With 190g/L of copper, present as tribasic copper sulphate, Nufarm’s Tri-Base Blue controlvarious diseases in vines, vegetables, fruits, nuts and ornamentals.

Key features & benefits
  • Ultra-fine copper particle size enables superior coverage and enhanced disease control
  • 100% of the copper applied can release copper ions – 75% released immediately for fast protection, remaining 25% delayed release for extended duration of protection
  • Neutral pH formulation – ideal tank-mix partner for alkaline hydrolysis sensitive insecticides
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Ease of mixing and application
  • Only 1 dayWHP to harvest provides flexibility with crop management* 

*for WHP on export wine grapes, please consult your AWRI Agrochemicals booklet (‘dog book’) 


Nufarm Tri-Base Blue has a new look, with the same formulation you know and trust. Learn more about our grower-led improvements here

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