Tri-Base Blue


Nufarm Tri-Base Blue Flowable Copper Fungicide contains 190g/L copper present as tribasic copper sulphate for the control of various diseases of certain fruits, nuts, vegetables and ornamentals.

Product Type: Fungicide
Mode of Action: Group M1 Fungicide
Active ingredient(s): 190g/L Copper present as tribasic copper sulphate
Formulation: Liquid

Copper, to the next level
Nothing builds confidence more than using a product that ticks all the boxes. Tri-Base Blue does just that, with proven effective knockdown and lasting control on a range of fungal diseases, and at low rates. Plus, with a convenient liquid formulation, it’s the perfect go-to to protect your plants.
Contains superior Tribasic copper sulphate
  • Knockdown and residual control of a range of diseases.
Low usage rates
  • Proven performance at lower copper rates than other copper products.
Convenient liquid formulation
  • Easy measurement and handling. Available in both 10L & 640L.
Wider usage rate registered for grapevines

Performing better gram for gram than copper hydroxides, Tri-Base Blue, now with wider usage rates in grapevines for long-lasting protection against Downy Mildew.