Seed dressing for treatment of wheat, barley, oats and triticale for control of seed borne and foliar diseases and for protections against insect pests of stored grain as per directions for use and early correction of zinc deficiency in seedlings.

Product Type: Seed Treatment
Mode of Action: Group 3 Fungicide, Group 3A Insecticide
Active ingredient(s): flutriafol(25g/L)+cypermethrin(4g/L)
Formulation: Suspension Concentrate

Effective control – no smuts and bunt, ifs or buts
Money savers – the all important one percenters that can make a difference to your returns. Now with Veteran, you can get a cost effective seed treatment that works to control smuts and bunt in cereals.
Effective control of smuts and bunt in cereals
  • Improved yields through decreased losses.
One low use rate
  • Save time and money.
Built in insecticide
  • Protect against stored grain pests.