Scott Paton

Tel/Mob: 0427692319
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My involvement with agriculture came about through a somewhat unconventional path. I grew up in Adelaide well away from all things agricultural, in a family passionate about plants and many diverse fields of science. I entered into an Agricultural Science degree at Adelaide University as a perceived stepping stone to greater things but found the biology focused course material perfectly in line with my core interests. I formed a passion for plant pathology over the years that has followed me throughout my career. On completion of my honours degree, I ventured across the desert to Western Australia for what I assumed would be a 2-3 year stint, learning the ropes as a field researcher in broadacre agriculture. It’s here that I met my wife and we began our little family, gifted with two amazing girls. My short stint turned into a twenty-year career (and counting), spanning three agricultural chemical companies, focused on herbicide, insecticide and fungicide development for the Australian broadacre and horticulture markets. I have been able to return to my passion for plant pathology over the last ten years with Nufarm with a particular focus on horticultural cropping. I love learning and challenging my own scientific knowledge through field trials. I’m passionate about grower relationships and the dissemination of information throughout the agricultural community.