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Every season is different, that’s why we are putting our products to the test in our own backyard. 

TIME & Dates

Time: 10am – 1pm

Choice of two dates: Pick either the 10th or 11th September


Lachlan Moulds: 0427174511



Results can vary depending on the conditions at sowing. Our pre-emergent sites were dry sown and aim to show industry standards against new use patterns for Terrain, Sentry, TriflurX and Avadex.  

Water quality

Can reduce the efficacy of certain chemistry in varying ways. The water quality demonstration will show the effects that different water characteristics can have on certain products. 

Pasture herbicide tolerance matrix

Will be an opportunity to see the effects that common herbicide products and mixes will have on common pasture varieties. Due to the dry season, this section may not be available – TBC.


Grass weed control is a vital part of an integrated weed management strategy. For best results we recommend using a combination of Havoc & Factor (with Supercharge Elite). The post-em grass weed control will highlight the value in using this combination versus one or the other. 


Will be demonstrating their weed-it technology. This demonstration will show the latest optical spot spray technology, and how this can aid water retention and reduce the onset of herbicide resistance.


Canola variety demo – containing the latest Nuseed TT, RR and Conventional varieties, plus a new short maturity hybrid TT which is yet to be released.

Trial photos