Protect the investment in your clover or grass pasture with Nufarm’s Thistrol Gold. With a unique triple active ingredient combination to control broadleaf weeds early and effectively, your livestock will be queuing up to thank you.

Through having worked side by side with farmers for over 100 years, Nufarm is Australian through and through. Our new pasture Group B and I herbicide Thistrol Gold is a great early asset that’s hard on weeds and soft and safe on clover.

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Why you should choose Nufarm’s Thistrol Gold

  • Robust weed control from 2-4 L/ha.
  • Excellent efficacy without compromising pasture growth – grow pasture, not weeds.
  • Early use pattern in clover from 2 trifoliate leaf
  • Simple, convenient single drum formulation recommended for use with Banjo adjuvant.

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From its label, through to our comprehensive Technote explaining the chemistry through to application advice, get all your need to know on Nufarm’s Thistrol Gold   





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