Calgary, AB [November 17, 2020] – Nufarm is excited to introduce a new product to their leading pre-seed burndown portfolio for the spring of 2021. ThunderHawk™ pre-seed herbicide provides fast-acting broadleaf weed control for cereal growers in the black and dark brown soil zones of western Canada.


With three modes of action (Group 2-, 4- and 14-), ThunderHawk delivers top notch performance when tank-mixed with glyphosate. This herbicide will help farmers achieve a cleaner start at seeding time with a pre-seed product that offers longer residual control (up to three weeks) on volunteer canola, and peace of mind management of Group 2-resistant weeds like cleavers, wild mustard, redroot pigweed, stinkweed, shepherd’s purse, and kochia. ThunderHawk can be applied before and up to two days after seeding barley, oats, and wheat (durum, spring, winter).


“When building out the product concept for ThunderHawk, we were looking for something that met three main objectives for pre-seed weed control in the black and dark brown soil zones. It had to be fast-acting on a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds. Secondly, it needed to provide residual activity on volunteer canola. Then lastly, and most importantly it had to offer multiple modes of action to help manage weed resistance,” mentions Graham Collier, Portfolio Manager for Nufarm Canada. “This pre-seed product will help farmers manage those tough weeds like narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, kochia and hemp-nettle, and get ahead of herbicide resistance in the black and dark brown soil zones where Group 2-herbicide resistance is growing.”


ThunderHawk helps round out the Nufarm pre-seed burndown herbicide portfolio that includes BlackHawk®, CONQUER® and GoldWing®. “BlackHawk has been a solid burndown option for farmers in the black and dark brown soil zones when growing cereals. ThunderHawk is another option for these areas where growing conditions vary in the spring and longer residual control of volunteer canola is important,” states Collier.


Boyd Bergstrom, Country Lead – Canada for Nufarm adds, “Our team continues to work hard at delivering solutions, expertise and value to Canadian farmers. Nufarm has a rich pipeline of crop protection products that will focus on resistance management and filling voids on the farm across all crops. We are excited about the future. ThunderHawk is an exciting addition to the herbicide portfolio that will demonstrate excellent performance and value.”


There will be a limited supply of ThunderHawk available for the 2021 pre-seed burndown season. If farmers are interested, they should book product early with their local crop inputs retailer. For additional product information, go to or call 1-800-868-5444.


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