As farmers close out another year the focus turns reflective, taking a moment to consider what worked well, what could have been better, and what they never want to deal with again. One key area we must re-visit is seed choice.

Typically, when farmers select a soybean seed variety, they are also selecting their herbicide systems as well. Depending on the variety selection, herbicide-tolerant or conventional, there are different options for weed control. New herbicide tolerant genetics have expanded farmers’ options to manage hard-to-control weeds like Canada fleabane, ragweed, waterhemp and others.

Huston De Brabandere, Nufarm Territory Manager for South Central Ontario believes that relying on in-crop herbicides alone for weed control is insufficient. “When we resort to chasing weeds after the crop has emerged, we’re giving up potential yield,” says De Brabandere. “In addition to better yields, farmers that use pre-emergent herbicides limit the need for a second pass and slow the development of herbicide resistance.”

Even with the significant advances we’ve seen in herbicide-tolerant and IP genetics, farmers need to be mindful of weed control measures. By relying solely on Group 4- herbicides like dicamba or 2,4-D in-crop with glyphosate, farmers risk repeatedly applying the same modes of action on the crop and rapidly selecting for herbicide resistant weeds.

While we can’t prevent weeds from developing resistance to herbicides, we can manage the actions taken to slow resistance down. That’s why Nufarm encourages growers to consider a herbicide program that incorporates products with multiple modes of action, and different herbicide groups in both pre-emergent and in-crop applications.

Nufarm offers some great options for pre-emergent weed control in Roundup Ready® Xtend and Enlist cropping systems. Bifecta® and Fierce® EZ herbicides have multiple modes of action and excellent residual activity on some of the toughest annual weeds. Depending on the weed pressures on your farm, you may benefit from one of these products along with BlackHawk® for a pre-seed burndown. The decision matrix below can help to choose the right product for your situation.


herbicide-tolerant- soybean-matrix

Managing weeds in IP soybeans is an integral part of realizing premiums. If weeds aren’t managed early-on, the crop will compete with them for moisture, nutrients and sunlight. Nufarm has the best solution for the cleanest start that stays clean during that peak growing period for IP soybeans. TriActor® pre-emergent herbicide combines three different active ingredients that together deliver leading residual broad-spectrum weed control for up to eight weeks. The decision matrix below offers some guidance in choosing the right herbicide for your situation.


So, finally it’s a good time of year to pause and reflect. Take time to consider how to get the best results next season when it comes to growing soybeans. Think about your fields and the weed challenges you have. Be proactive and reap the benefits when the crop is in the bin.

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