A growing resistance problem in Canada

The rising tide of weed resistance—especially the surge of kochia in the west—is wreaking havoc for Canadian farmers. It eats away at profits, makes fields ugly, steals time and patience (and sanity).

According to a recent Weed Resistance Study conducted by Real Agristudies, farmers expressed a high degree of concern about the impact of weed resistance, and largely agree that ‘the industry needs to do a better job of helping them manage weed resistance’. There is also high hope that new technologies will save the day.

Kochia resistance continues to evolve.

Kochia is easily becoming one of the most troublesome weeds because the herbicide options to control it are decreasing. Since 1980, kochia has evolved significantly
—and today 45% of the kochia populations are resistant to multiple groups of 2-, 4-, 9-, and 14-herbicides.



Nufarm Canada won’t accept defeat or status quo. Our researchers and agronomists challenged themselves to discover a breakthrough solution to shift the game back in the farmer’s favour. With a passion for plant science backed by a significant investment in research and innovation.

And in this quest, we rediscovered a lost molecule—an active ingredient called dichlorprop-p—that was first used 30 years ago as an additive to 2,4-D. But dichlorprop’s unique properties largely remained unexplored and its full potential was never unlocked.

Today, Nufarm has re-powered this lost molecule calling it Duplosan. The proprietary technology is showing extremely positive results as a novel Group 4 chemistry that hasn’t been exposed to most of our western Canadian weed populations, specifically kochia.


The launch of the Duplosan-powered suite of cereal herbicides signals a new era as Nufarm celebrates 25 years of service to Canadian farmers by stepping up as a technology innovator.

Here’s a few examples of Duplosan working in the field in large scale research authorization trials over the past couple of years. BlackHawk® EVO is the next evolution pre-seed burndown herbicide for cereals, while Oxbow™ is a new in-crop cereal herbicide.

Duplosan Powered Products