Assert® herbicide controls early flushes of wild oats and volunteer canola in wheat and barley. It is the only Group 2 wild oat herbicide registered for barley.

Technical Information

Active ingredients: Group 2 (imazamethabenz)
Rainfast: 4 hours
Treatment rates: Cereals – one case treats 32 – 40 acres, sunflowers – one case treats 64 acres/case
Crop staging: 1 – 6 leaf stage of wheat/barley crop

Registered Crops

  • Barley
  • Wheat (durum, spring)
  • Sunflowers

Weeds Controlled

Based on 40 Acres/Case Rate
Wild oats (1-3 leaf stage) Volunteer canola excluding Clearfield® varieties
(up to 4 leaf stage)
Buckwheat (wild, tartary) – suppression Wild mustard (up to 6 leaf stage) 
Stinkweed  (up to 6 leaf stage)   

Tank-Mix Partners

  • 2,4-D ester
  • Attain
  • Cordon
  • Curtail M
  • Dichlorprop-D
  • Estaprop XT
  • Express Pack
  • Express + 2,4-D LV 700
  • Infinity
  • MCPA ester
  • Prestige
  • Puma Advance
  • Refine SG
  • Refine SG + MCPA ester
  • Spectrum
  • Frontline XL
  • Trophy


  • Flexible and wide range of tank-mix options for broader weed control
  • Wide window of application (1-6 leaf stage) in wheat and barley
  • The only Group 2 product (imazamethabenz) registered to control wild oats in barley
  • Removes wild oats competition early for maximum yield benefit
  • Excellent crop safety

Performance Tips

  • Apply Assert early from the 1-6 leaf stage of crops for highest yield
  • Use Assert as a crop-safe alternative in wheat and barley
  • Rotate chemical groups for resistance management

for specific crop usage information see label for details