Assert® herbicide controls early flushes of wild oats and volunteer canola in wheat and barley. It is the only Group 2 wild oat herbicide registered for barley.

Technical Information

Active ingredients: Group 2 (imazamethabenz)
Rainfast: 4 hours
Treatment rates: Cereals – one case treats 32 – 40 acres, sunflowers – one case treats 64 acres/case
Crop staging: 1 – 6 leaf stage of wheat/barley crop

Control Tough Weeds

Based on 40 Acres/Case Rate
Wild oats – 1-3 leaf stage Volunteer canola (except Clearfield® varieties) – up to 4 leaf stage
Buckwheat (wild, tartary) – suppression Wild mustard – up to 6 leaf stage 
Stinkweed – up to 6 leaf stage   

Registered Crops

  • Barley
  • Wheat (durum, spring)
  • Sunflowers


  • Flexible and wide range of tank-mix options for broader weed control
  • Wide window of application (1-6 leaf stage) in wheat and barley
  • The only Group 2 product (imazamethabenz) registered to control wild oats in barley
  • Removes wild oats competition early for maximum yield benefit
  • Excellent crop safety

Performance Tips

  • Apply Assert early from the 1-6 leaf stage of crops for highest yield
  • Use Assert as a crop-safe alternative in wheat and barley
  • Rotate chemical groups for resistance management

Weed Control Challenge

You’ve seen it before, you’re waiting for your crop to come up in the spring, and an early flush of weeds appear before or at the same time as the crop. That early weed competition will put a big dent in your crop yield. Wild oats that are a leaf stage ahead of the crop can rob up to 30%* of crop yield. And volunteer canola that comes in early and thick adds even more competition for young cereal crops.

*O’Donovan et al. 1985 and Sapsford et al. 2008.

Nufarm Solution

Assert delivers effective and affordable early control of wild oats and volunteer canola in wheat and barley. Assert offers the only Group 2 chemistry that can be safely sprayed early in both crops.


for specific crop usage information see label for details