CleanStart® herbicide offers two modes of action for proven pre-seed weed control prior to seeding canola, pulses, cereals and other crops.

Technical information

Active ingredients: Group 14 (carfentrazone), Group 9 (glyphosate)
Rainfast: 6 hours
Treatment rate: One case treats 40 acres, one tote treats 900 acres
Tank-mix order: Carfentrazone, glyphosate
Notes: Apply prior to seeding, herbicide requires direct contact on growing weeds for effective results

Registered crops

  • Canola
  • Cereals
  • Flax
  • Potatoes
  • Pulse crops
  • Sunflowers

Weeds controlled

  • Chickweed*
  • Cleavers*
  • Kochia
  • Lamb’s quarters
  • Narrow-leaved hawk’s beard
  • Pigweed
  • Dandelion (spring germinated)
  • Volunteer canola (all biotypes, 1-3 leaf stage)
  • Wild buckwheat

*Research work conducted and grower findings indicate good control of these weeds


  • NON-RESIDUAL pre-seed herbicide so you can spray and seed the same day
  • FAST AND RELIABLE CONTROL than glyphosate alone, especially on narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, cleavers*, chickweed*, wild buckwheat and spring germinating dandelion
  • RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT tool with two modes of action help slow the development of herbicide resistance
  • Combined Group 14 and Group 9 (glyphosate) chemistries control glyphosate-resistant weed species
  • No surfactant required when used with glyphosate
  • Leaves no residue with no risk to pulse or canola crops
  • Faster weed control than glyphosate alone

*Additional weeds supported by Nufarm

Performance tips

CleanStart is a contact herbicide and must be applied directly on growing weeds for effective results.

  • Droplet size – Use a combination of nozzle type and sprayer speed to achieve a fine to medium droplet size, adjust sprayer speed to optimize weed coverage
  • Water volume – Use 10 gal./ac. water volume for adequate coverage on weeds
  • Glyphosate-tolerant canola – In front of canola, apply a tank mix of CleanStart and Amitrol to control glyphosate-tolerant canola
  • Application timing – Apply to weeds in the seedling stage when glyphosate-tolerant volunteer canola is between the 1-3 true leaf stage, volunteer canola at the cotyledon stage may not be adequately controlled due to insufficient coverage of the newest growing point

Weed control challenge

Glyphosate used to be enough to control most weeds. But those days are long gone. When you are battling a combination of tough weeds, glyphosate alone is going to be challenged. When you’re cleaning up fields before seeding a canola crop, straight glyphosate just won’t deliver the control you need.

Nufarm solution

Two modes of action for proven weed control

Get your crops off to a strong start with CleanStart, a proven pre-seed weed control option. An advanced burndown product that combines proven Group 14 and Group 9 chemistry, CleanStart takes down the tough weeds that glyphosate alone leaves behind. Two modes of action provide an effective tool for resistance management.


for specific crop usage information see label for details