Cordon® grass weed herbicide offers superior control of wild oats and green foxtail in wheat and barley.

Technical Information

Active ingredients: Group 1 (fenoxaprop-p-ethyl)
Rainfast: 1 hour
Treatment rates: One case treats 60 acres (310 mL/ac.)
Crop staging: 1 – 6 leaf stage of wheat and barley

Control Tough Weeds

Barnyard grass -1-6 leaf up to emergence of 3rd tiller
Foxtail (green and yellow) – 1-6 leaf up to emergence of 3rd tiller
Wild oats – 1-6 leaf stage of 3rd tiller 

Registered Crops

  • Barley
  • Wheat (spring and durum)


  • Good crop safety
  • Superior wild oat and grass weed control
  • Flexible tank-mix options
  • Tried and true product performance
  • Similar brand to Puma Super®

Tank Mixes

2,4-D Ester MCPA Ester/Amine
Ally® Mextrol
Approve® Refine® Extra (+ Buctril or + MCPA Ester)
Curtail M Prestige®
Dyvel® Trophy
Enforcer M Triton® C
Express® Pack Flurox®-24
Enforcer D Lontrel® (wheat only) (+ MCPA Ester)


for specific crop usage information see label for details