Credit Xtreme – Ornamental

Non-Selective Herbicide

Credit® Xtreme Ornamental is a mixed-salt formula for powerful burndown. It is the only glyphosate product to offer Dual Salt Technology. The rapid uptake leads to quicker activity and rainfastness.

Technical information

Herbicide group: Group 9
Active ingredient: Glyphosate – isopropylamine salt (30.94%), potassium salt (22.99%) (equivalent to 540 g/l, or 4.5 lbs/gal of the acid glyphosate)
Formulation: Water-soluble liquid
Chemical family: Glycine
Packaging: 2 x 10 L case, 500 L tote, bulk, one case treats 30 acres
Rainfast: Do not apply if rainfall is forecast during application, no surfactant required
PCP number: 29888

Registered uses

  • Annual and perennial weeds
  • Woody brush and trees
  • Post-emerge, non-selective weed control

The challenge

As a turf manager or lawn care operator, turf quality is a direct reflection on your image, so when it comes time to renovate it has to be done efficiently. You need a product that works completely and quickly to minimize costs and decrease time for unsightly renovations. A powerful and fast-acting non-selective herbicide that delivers speed and knockdown of turf and tough weeds is essential.

Nufarm solution

With both potassium and IPA salts, Credit® Xtreme is the only glyphosate product to offer Dual Salt Technology™. The rapid uptake leads to quicker activity and rainfastness, so you can put your turf renovation on the fast track. Credit Xtreme has an acid equivalent content of 540 g/l glyphosate and treats 50% more acres than many products which only have 360 g/l a.e.


  • Contains proprietary Dual Salt Technology™
  • Takes on the toughest weeds with quick burndown and complete control
  • Excellent tank-mix compatibility, even in hard water environments
  • Fast translocation activity and rainfastness
  • Treats more acres per case or tote than many alternative glyphosate products

Performance tips

  • Apply to small actively growing weeds
  • Apply in clean water
  • Do not apply in hard water (use a softener such as AMS)
  • Applications to weeds under stress may not provide acceptable control
  • In high pH situations (over 6) an acidifying agent is recommended

Select the best glyphosate

Not all salts are the same

Not all glyphosate formulations are created equal, and just comparing the percentage of active ingredient is not enough to make an informed decision.

The active ingredient – the stuff that kills the weed – in any glyphosate formulation is the glyphosate acid, and all glyphosate acid is the same. But in order to work more effectively as a herbicide, glyphosate acid is formulated with a variety of other chemicals to form salts. Those salts are then mixed with carriers and surfactants to form the herbicide.

On the product label, the percent of active ingredient refers to the percentage of the total that is made up of glyphosate salts. Because the molecular weight of the salts varies widely, herbicides using different salts may have active ingredient percentages that differ, even though the net amount of glyphosate remains the same. So a product that contains 34% active ingredient and uses mixed salts contains the same amount of glyphosate – and thus the same weed-killing power – as an IPA salt (the most common post-patent formulation) labelled as containing 41% active ingredient.

Look for the a.e., not the a.i.

While this may appear confusing, there’s actually an easy way to sort it out: the acid equivalent. This is often listed on product labels and in sales literature, and it is the quickest way to determine the amount of glyphosate you’re actually buying.

What is a mixed salt formula?

IPA salts

The original glyphosate formulation, IPA salts are proven, dependable formulations with good mixing and handling characteristics.

Potassium salts

Potassium salts provide better rainfastness and improved performance under adverse conditions as compared to IPA salts.


The most sophisticated glyphosate formulations are the mixed salts found in products such as Credit Xtreme. These salts are a patented chemical combination that delivers mixing compatibility, rainfastness, and enhanced weed control activity. As a result, growers achieve premium performance and flexibility with on glyphosate formulation.