Credit Xtreme – Turf

Non-Selective Herbicide

Credit® Xtreme is a unique high-load, mixed salt formulation of glyphosate for fast and powerful turf and weed burndown.

Technical information

Herbicide group: Group 9
Active ingredient: Glyphosate – isopropylamine salt (30.94%), potassium salt (22.99%) (equivalent to 540 g/l, or 4.5 lbs/gal of the acid glyphosate)
Formulation: Water-soluble liquid
Chemical family: Glycine
Packaging: 2 x 10 L case, 500 L tote, bulk, one case treats 30 acres
Rainfast: Do not apply if rainfall is forecast during application, no surfactant required
PCP number: 29888

Registered uses

  • Turfgrass renovation

The challenge

As a turf manager or lawn care operator, turf quality is a direct reflection on your image, so when it comes time to renovate it has to be done efficiently. You need a product that works completely and quickly to minimize costs and decrease time for unsightly renovations. A powerful and fast-acting non-selective herbicide that delivers speed and knockdown of turf and tough weeds is essential.

Nufarm solution

With both potassium and IPA salts, Credit® Xtreme is the only glyphosate product to offer Dual Salt Technology™. The rapid uptake leads to quicker activity and rainfastness, so you can put your turf renovation on the fast track. Credit Xtreme has an acid equivalent content of 540 g/l glyphosate and treats 50% more acres than many products which only have 360 g/l a.e.


  • Contains proprietary Dual Salt Technology™
  • Takes on the toughest weeds with quick burndown and complete control
  • Excellent tank-mix compatibility, even in hard water environments
  • Fast translocation activity and rainfastness
  • Treats more acres per case or tote than many alternative glyphosate products

Performance tips

  • Apply to small actively growing weeds
  • Apply in clean water
  • Do not apply in hard water (use a softener such as AMS)
  • Applications to weeds under stress may not provide acceptable control
  • In high pH situations (over 6) an acidifying agent is recommended


Application Rates Application Notes
1.67 – 8 L in
100-300 L
  • Use the higher end of the rate range for perennials
  • Do not disturb soil or underground plant parts before treatment
  • Where existing vegetation is growing under mowed turfgrass, apply this product after omitting at least one regular mowing
  • Tillage or renovation techniques such as vertical mowing, coring or slicing should be delayed for 7 days after application
  • For maximum control, delay establishment to determine if regrowth from escaped underground plant parts occurs. When repeat treatments are necessary, sufficient regrowth must be attained prior to application
  • Desirable turfgrasses may be established following the above procedures