Fierce® is a pre-emergent soil active herbicide that offers extended activity on emerging spring broadleaf and grassy weeds for up to 8 weeks after activation.

Technical information

Active ingredients: Group 14 (flumioxazin), Group 15 (pyroxasulfone) 
Treatment area: One case treats 128 acres at 85 g/ac. (32 ac./jug)
Application timing: Fall apply as late as possible but prior to freeze up for any registered crop. Pre-plant or pre-emergent for soybeans, chickpeas and field peas. Should be applied a minimum of 7 days prior to seeding field corn, spring wheat and winter wheat. Can be applied up to 3 days after seeding soybeans, chickpeas and field peas
Tank-mix order: Fierce, BlackHawk or GoldWing (if used), glyphosate
Notes: Seeding after application requires the use of minimum to zero till drills. Fierce requires moisture to activate in the soil

Registered crops

  • Chickpeas
  • Field corn
  • Field peas
  • Lentils (fall application prior to large green and small red varieties)
  • Soybeans
  • Spring wheat (not including durum)
  • Winter wheat

Weeds controlled

Annual sow-thistle Barnyard grass
Chickweed Cleavers
Dandelion Downy brome (suppression)
Green foxtail Green and Redroot pigweed
(including Group 2- & Group 5- resistant biotypes)
Japanese brome (suppression) Kochia
(including Group 2-, 4- and glyphosate-resistant biotypes)
(including Group 2- and triazine-resistant biotypes)
Russian thistle (suppression)
Wild buckwheat Wild mustard (including Group 2- resistant biotypes)
Wild oats (suppression) Volunteer canola (suppression)

Weed control challenge

Remember when glyphosate or other non-residual herbicides were all it took to control your wild oats and most broadleaf weeds? Unfortunately, herbicide-resistant weeds mean that Groups 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9 can’t handle the problems alone anymore. Maximizing soybean and wheat yields depend on residual control of tough grass and broadleaf weeds.

Nufarm solution

Fierce herbicide delivers broad-spectrum, extended residual weed control. Pyroxasulfone is registered for suppression of wild oats and control of various foxtail and brome species at a rate consistent with the upper registered range of Fierce. This provides another option to reduce the effect of Group 1 and 2 resistant grassy weeds, and other broadleaf weeds that impact yield and harvest management. Fierce controls resistant weeds before they become a problem.


  • BETTER PERFORMANCE than other leading soil active herbicides on tough broadleaf weeds
  • ACTIVITY ON GRASSY WEEDS with a different mode of action to manage Group 1- and 2-resistant biotypes
  • EXTENDED CONTROL with activity that lasts up to 8 weeks
  • TWO ACTIVE INGREDIENTS (proven Group 14 and 15) for management of Group 1-, 2-, 4-, 5- and glyphosate-resistant weeds
  • Convenient application eliminates the need for granular broadcast herbicide products
  • Tank-mixable with most burndown and pre-emergent herbicides (i.e. glyphosate, BlackHawk and/or GoldWing)

Performance tips

  1. Emerged weeds – use with a burndown herbicide partner like glyphosate and BlackHawk or GoldWing
  2. Flushing weeds – residual activity for newly emerging weeds
  3. Emerged crop – Fierce alone can be applied up to 3 days post seeding soybeans, chickpeas and field peas
  4. Refer to label for rates and use patterns
  5. DO NOT incorporate after application or prior to seeding
  6. Pre-seeding applications require the use of minimum disturbance seeding systems
  7. Non-ionic surfactant required if glyphosate is not being tank-mixed
  8. Leave a small checkstrip in the field to show performance

Soil active weed control

FOR specific crop usage information see label for details