Pinpoint™ fungicide is your best choice for the first and last dollar spot application on golf courses, sod farms and lawns.

Technical information

Herbicide group: Group 11
Active ingredient: Mandestrobin (43.4%) 
Formulation: Suspension concentrate
Chemical family: QoI – Quinone Outside Inhibitors
Rainfast: 2 hours
Packaging: 4 x 1.77 L jug, one jug treats 5 acres at 8.80 mL/100 m2 rate, 4 jugs per case
Maximum applications per season: Up to four applications per season

Registered uses

  • Turfgrass including golf courses
  • Sod farms
  • Lawns and landscape areas around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas and athletic fields

Diseases controlled

  • Brown patch
  • Dollar spot
  • Fairy ring
  • Rust (suppression)
  • Take-all-patch

See solution sheet for application rates and Vincelli Ratings.


  • New fungicide active ingredient available exclusively from Nufarm
  • Unique and selective activity against dollar spot
  • Excellent turf tolerance
  • Excellent rotation partner for managing resistance to SDHI and DMI fungicides
  • Optimized for early through late season dollar spot control

Performance tips

  • Pinpoint is most effective when applied prior to infection
  • For optimal disease control, use Pinpoint in a regularly scheduled spray program, and in combination/rotation with other fungicides that have different modes of action and are effective against dollar spot
  • Using Pinpoint as the first dollar spot treatment of the season gives the best control to fight resistance
  • Apply 8–16 L of spray solution per 100 m2 per label directions, lower water volumes require proper nozzle selection and calibration to ensure plant coverage and efficacy
  • Use a non-ionic spreader if needed for adequate coverage
  • Make sure sprayer is properly calibrated (flow, nozzles, pressure, and speed) and inspect and change nozzles per manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure consistent delivery

Turf control challenge

When summer starts, Canadian superintendents know one thing is certain, dollar spot is on its way. Superintendents currently have only a few fungicide class options for control of dollar spot. Add the discovery of SDHI resistance, and it becomes even more important to rotate fungicide classes to combat dollar spot and preserve all the fungicide options available.

Nufarm solution

Pinpoint fungicide delivers outstanding early-season and late-season control of dollar spot. Pinpoint provides superintendents and turf management professionals with an excellent fungicide rotation partner to optimize disease management stewardship. Pinpoint’s unique and targeted active ingredient has been proven in university performance trials and delivers outstanding control of dollar spot.