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Embarrassed by kochia?
The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Get ahead of spring weeds—apply Valtera or Fierce® in the fall or spring for up to 8 weeks of soil active control in pulses, soybeans and wheat to deliver the weed control you want, especially to that nasty kochia!

Take a minute to watch this video showing how fall-applied Valtera and Fierce work to kill weeds.


The next step in soil active pre-emergent weed control.

Valtera knocks out tough broadleaf weeds with up to 8 weeks of extended control in pulses, wheat and soybeans.
This pre-emergent herbicide can help manage Group 2-, 4- and glyphosate-resistant weeds.



Adding new crops in western Canada, including pulses.

Fierce® has activity on some of the toughest weeds including Group 2-, 4- and glyphosate-resistant biotypes.
It provides powerful performance, combining 2 active ingredients that control broadleaf and grassy weeds.



Saving you time, money—and a lot of hassles.



How Valtera and Fierce work.

When applied in the fall, Valtera and Fierce create a protective layer of herbicide that activates with spring moisture. While you’re busy seeding next spring, Valtera and Fierce can actively help control spring weeds as they emerge. In spring, residual activity of Valtera and Fierce take out multiple flushes of weeds helping your crop get a head start.



Valtera and Fierce technical information.

To read more about the products, download labels or MSDS sheets, click on the links below.


Group 14

A soil active herbicide with two modes of action
for extended broadleaf and grass weed control.

• Pulses • Chickpeas • Field Peas •
• Soybeans • Field Corn • Wheat •
• Lentils 
(fall application)

Fierce soil active pre-emergent herbicide product page and technical information

Group 14 & 15

Manage resistant weeds with extended
grass and broadleaf weed control.

• Pulses • Chickpeas • Field Peas •
• Soybeans • Field Corn • Spring Wheat •
• Lentils
 (fall application)