Latin: Lolium multiflorum

Other names: Italian ryegrass

Family: Poaceae

Annual ryegrass is a type of grass that grows quickly and is differentiated from perennial ryegrass,  a more persistent and cold-tolerant grass.

Annual ryegrass may be planted as a cover crop, a forage crop, or a turfgrass. As a forage crop, it can provide quality feed for livestock and wildlife. As a turfgrass, it can create a a nice green lawn in warm climates or during winter.

However, as with most plants that may be determined to be weeds, whilst they may have  benefits, when they grow in competition of crops they can become a problem. 

Annual Ryegrass / Italian Ryegrass - weed nufarm

Some of the disadvantages are:

Annual ryegrass is a problem for many farmers and gardeners because it is a fast-growing and invasive weed that can outcompete desirable crops and plants. Annual ryegrass germinates in the fall and grows throughout the winter and spring, producing large amounts of seeds that can persist in the soil for years.

It can also develop resistance to herbicides, making it difficult to control. As always we advice good resistance management

Annual rye grass can reduce crop yields, increase pest and disease problems, and interfere with harvest operations.



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