Building on the success of last years event, Nufarm wants to bring its extensive herbicide range together with it’s now wider portfolio to provide customers with a range of solutions to meet their needs.


Nufarm UK’s focus is still on phenoxies, at last years CropTec we shared how they are still an essential tool in your herbicide arsenal. Yet, coming into 2020 Nufarm hopes to show how phenoxies can play a part in the bigger picture, combined with the other products Nufarm has to offer. But that’s not all, Nufarm have been working on a variety of projects in the hopes to provide the best value to our customers.

Keep on Re-Discovering

The ReDiscover Phenoxies campaign was aimed at familiarising younger generations of agronomists and growers with this 70-year-old group of herbicides, whilst also refreshing older generations as to why are phenoxies more relevant than ever. Despite having been around for such a long time they have been experiencing a resurgence in use. With the departure of several active ingredients in more recent years, resulting in a heavier emphasis on the use of newer sulphonylureas (SU) actives, this has led to examples of ALS resistance in some broad-leaf weeds.

“In the UK, confirmed cases of broad-leaved weed resistance are increasing year-on-year where weed control has relied upon the use of sulphonylureas.” Says Dan MacDonald, Nufarm Agronomy Lead. However, a program that combines phenoxies with sulphonylureas in tank mixes can produce wide spectrum of control over broad-leaved weeds, adding fluroxypyr or florasulam to mix gives an added effect of cleaver control.

Building on ReDiscover Phenoxies emphasis on best practice through combination, Nufarm aims to bring agronomy solutions to CropTec 2019. These agronomy solutions aim to provide agronomists and growers with a comprehensive variety of ‘tools’ for a selection of crops all throughout the harvest calendar. Resistance management is an important issue as previously stated, Nufarm with its expansive range of phenoxies now bolstered with a variety of SU herbicides can provide several beneficial combinations to growers while considering sustainability and best practice.

Agronomy Solutions from Nufarm

The aim of the agronomy solutions is to create a detailed support tool, part of which will use Nufarm’s increasingly diverse portfolio; products such as Fusilade Max, as well as several new solutions being brought to market in 2020, can be added to create a truly comprehensive herbicide program. In order to provide such a complete package of support, Nufarm also aims to launch SprayWise in late 2019/2020. SprayWise is an innovate programme intended to provide beneficial tools and content for sprayer operators or growers and agronomists looking to get the most out of their spray application. Already met with success in Australia, Nufarm UK looks to build upon this success by adapting and growing its principles from a UK perspective.

Nufarm UK has an bright future ahead, the exciting prospect of several new products in the pipeline, reinforced by several schemes to help make our customers lives easier, brought together by an experienced team.

In the ever-changing topography that is agriculture not just in the UK but worldwide, Nufarm’s agronomic solutions that focus on best practice and sustainability, should provide an asset to agronomists, growers and sprayer operators. All the while providing a comprehensive array of product solutions to fit a variety of growing situations.


It is an interesting time within the sprayer operator sphere, the new easyconnect system which Nufarm are collaborating in aims to bring safer standards for operators as well as ease of use, Nufarm will also bring the intuitive Spraywise programme to the UK. The content has already been created, all that’s left is to bring it to you. Come to our stand at CropTec to talk more about it.

Behind the scenes: Footage being taken this October, Spraying water to show drift reduction


The beanies will be back

Back by popular demand Nufarm will have plenty of beanies to keep your head warm over winter. Considering how cold it has gotten this October we anticipate they will go quickly. To grab your beanie make, visit us on stand 1.22.

The beanies proved quite popular at CropTec 2018

The 2018 Nufarm beanie competition