Grassmanship™ is a programme featuring a portfolio of products that optimise grass production to give farmers more DM/Ha and Return on their investment.

Whilst weed control in arable crops is normal practice, in grassland it is less common. Survey data suggests that little more than 5% of UK grassland has a herbicide application in any given year, and few grassland farmers treat more than 10% of their pasture in any season.

Weed control is a key element of productive grassland farming and it is important that herbicide applications are effective, made safely and with care for the environment.

Good Grass Matters.

How much grass you grow determines how much stock you can carry. Higher grassland productivity means higher stock numbers, higher yields and higher profitability per hectare.

Weeds and pests in pasture compete for space, light, soil moisture, soil nutrients and reduce pasture productivity resulting in poor quality pasture. The purer the stand of high quality grassland, the better your productivity. This is why it is important to have a well planned grassland management programme which is reviewed continuously.

Thinking Long Term

The Nufarm Grassmanship programme has been designed to provide you with information on management practices that will help your farm’s long-term productivity and profitability. It outlines grassland renewal programmes and provides advice on “best choice” products for the most commonly occurring weed and pest problems in UK grassland and how to maximise the productivity of your grass.