Soyab Patel is European SDS (Safety Data Sheet) Controller

As the European SDS coordinator I act as the primary lead for all SDS activities within Europe and coordinate the work (authoring SDSs) for the 4 SDS generators including myself.  As the lead I am responsible for proposing the SDS strategy and managing the implementation of any regulatory forced changes.

I support our Regulatory colleagues with CLP and provide support to Technical, Operations, Customer service, H&S and Regulatory departments in all SDS related matters. I also deal with external customers handling requests and enquiries such as providing justification for classification.

Recently, I have been heavily involved in Project Novus, defining the architecture and the implementation and maintenance of a new SDS systems across Europe which is interfaced with our new ERP system revolutionising the way we work to process sales orders to meet our legal obligations.

The job can be stressful due to the sheer amount of workload and providing a service; I need to be flexible and be able to adapt as priorities can change daily. Also, being highly regulated I need to be aware of new regulations to allow us to be legally compliant.

The most enjoyable aspect of working at Nufarm particularly in this role has been the opportunity to meet a lot of new colleagues especially those from other Nufarm sites.