Christopher Norman is Plant Improvement Manager and has previously worked in our laboratories and in production

I’ve worked in a variety of roles, starting as a Shift Chemist which developed in to First Line Manager and then Phenoxy Production Coordinator, before deciding I would like to return to my roots and work in the labs again. I missed the hands on working with chemicals and the technical challenges of designing and carrying out the synthesis of target molecules. With my knowledge of the processes and people on many of the production plants, I was a valuable link between the technical and production departments, frequently using my plant experience to trouble shoot production problems using lab experimentation. I was also able to develop chemical processes in the lab which were suitable for our plants, and then assist in the running of plant trials leading to the successful introduction into production.

The next step in my career path is Plant Improvement Manger, which I commenced in March 2020. I will be utilising all my procedural, process and chemical skills to support the Performance Improvement Manager in ensuring the efficient and safe running of the production plants, as well as identifying and developing equipment and processes to increase the output and quality of all plant areas on site.

Nufarm is a very supportive and flexible employer throughout my career, with the size of the company being small enough to feel I am able to make a difference to the company’s performance and make sure I know many people across a broad spectrum of disciplines, but at the same time big enough to make me feel secure jobwise, and able to offer me differing roles when I felt I wanted a new challenge. I’ve been given me the chance to extend my chemical knowledge and gain extensive experience in many different aspects of the chemical industry and I have found my 19 years with the company full of challenges, learning experiences, friendships and job satisfaction.