Robbie Hutchinson and Bilal Mir are Process Manufacturing Apprentices in their second year of apprenticeship and joined Nufarm after completing GCSEs.


I was interested in a job as a Process manufacturing apprentice because it related to what I wanted to do as a next step on from school. I felt the apprenticeship path of both learning a course then going to practically perform the job out on site was the best way to learn.

In the first year of the apprenticeship the typical day was light learning of the plant you were working on, getting NVQ work finished and also revision for college and exam work. The second year of the apprenticeship which I’m part way through currently is usually running the plant and doing mostly all the jobs of the operator role, with revision to any work when you have time. The employees in the environment are all friendly which helps with the course massively as you don’t feel put off asking them questions.

My career ambitions are to just keep progressing; by reaching new roles and developing my knowledge further. I enjoy the job because it’s something new. I’m learning and developing my knowledge every day.



While I am at work the normal day consists of me running the plant. We make batches, and this means we have to keep constantly monitoring the tractors and products to make sure everything is safe. We also complete safety audits and housekeeping.

As my role has gone on I have been given more responsibility by other operators to run the plant by myself and to carry out all the tests myself. This had made me more independent and given me more knowledge of the plant I am working on. I aspire to take up the First Line Manager role soon and hopefully move onto Production Shift Manager one day. 

Every day I am doing something different and I am learning new things and seeing loads of different people. I enjoy the testing and making of batches and the flexibility of the role. 

I find that managing college out with work has been the most challenging thing for me as we have to do a certain number of hours off the job so college and NVQ contributes to this. 

I enjoy the diversity and support Nufarm give to the employees. It is a great place to work with friendly people who are motivated to make Nufarm a better place 

Apprentices at Nufarm you have to be motivated, dedicated to your work and getting on with people and working in teams is essential.