Beth Ruddlesden is a Registration Specialist and joined Nufarm after completing her degree in Biochemistry.

Each day can be completely different and poses a different problem to solve. I am office based, so most of my daily work is done from my office (for example; doing calculations, writing expert statements, reviewing documents, advising project managers on residue problems)  but sometimes I need to travel to different labs to discuss ongoing studies they are doing for me, or go to meetings with consultants or member states.

I started out writing general registration documents, but now I am part of the European expert team where I specialise in Residues and consumer risk assessment. This means I do all the calculations and studies to make sure our products are below the regulated amount allowed when the crop that has been treated enters the food chain.

Alongside this I also lead a team of young employees (NuGeneration) who visit local schools to promote Nufarm as an employer and raise interest in STEM subjects.

I was impressed by the people who interviewed me, which is what made me take the job. I love the people I work with, and really enjoy being part of a project and problem solving. I also enjoy getting the opportunity to travel.