Aaron Storey is a Reliability Engineer and has developed his career since joining Nufarm as an apprentice.

My interest in engineering was generic, I didn’t have enough knowledge to know exactly which trade I wanted to go into (mechanical/electrical). I was interested in engineering because I loved fixing things!

I’m currently driving improvement in several areas:

  1. Analysing how we look after our equipment to ensure it is reliable and consistent
  1. Identifying ways in which our systems can better enable us to execute engineering works more efficiently
  2. Implementing methods where we understand equipment failures and put into place actions to minimise the possibility of it happening again

After a 4-year apprenticeship I qualified as an engineer in 2012. Since then, I have held many roles across varying areas of engineering and manufacturing operations, this has enabled me to develop myself in several areas inside and outside of engineering. I am currently in the final year of my master’s degree in Manufacturing Leadership, I hope to use this qualification along with my experience to challenge myself in embarking upon the next steps of my career. My ambition is to make a difference in the business, striving for excellence and sustainability.

I really enjoy working in a complex manufacturing environment is exciting, engaging and challenging. No two days are the same which creates a fantastic learning environment.  I often find that problems are unique, this results in situations where I’m constantly exploring and learning different things. I love this challenge as it means you are never bored at work!

Every person you work with or meet is friendly and approachable, this creates a frictionless environment where teamwork is naturally the approach to working. Being surrounded by good people is a major benefit of working for Nufarm.

If you’re thinking of applying for a career at Nufarm be yourself, be honest and be open minded. Seek and accept help from as many people as possible as you can always learn something from somebody.