Latin: Papaver spp.

Other names: Field poppy, corn poppy

Family: Papaveraceae

Poppy is a common weed found in the United Kingdom that belongs to the poppy family (Papaveraceae). It is also known as field poppy or corn poppy. Poppy is an annual plant known for its vibrant red flowers and distinctive seed pods.

Poppy is typically found in agricultural fields, gardens, roadsides, and disturbed areas. There are several species of poppies, including Papaver rhoeas, which is the most common in the UK. Poppies are native to Europe and have naturalized in the UK.

Identifying Poppy

Poppy possesses several distinct features that help distinguish it from other similar-looking plants. The flowers of poppy are its most recognizable feature. They are large, showy, and typically bright red in color, although they can also be pink, white, or purple. The flowers have four to six petals and a prominent black center. The petals may have black spots or dark veins.

The leaves of poppy are lobed or divided, often with a bluish-green hue. The stems are hairy and rigid, supporting the flowers and seed pods.

Challenges of Poppy

One of the challenges with poppy is its ability to shed a large number of seeds that can remain viable in the soil for several years. 

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