Water Stewardship

Nufarm UK is dedicated to take an active approach to supporting effective environmental stewardship and best practice guidelines.

Phenoxy herbicides are key tools in the control of grassland weeds. The level of a pesticide in drinking water should not exceed 0.1 parts per billion. These minute levels can be detected in water samples, so it is important to adopt effective Stewardship and observe the Best Practice Guidelines below.

Integrated Management Of Rush

Soft Rush thrives in water logged soil and upland areas and while it’s control can maximise rough grazing areas, we have to be careful in how they are controlled. Phenoxies with their solubility should not be used in situations like this but rather using specialist weed wipers, notably Logic’s Contact 2000, to apply glyphosate. A 12 month water catchment study in Northern Ireland found that a single application of glyphosate applied through a rotational weed wiper offered up to 75% control. Logic’s weed wiper allows for a safer application on rushes through its contra-rotating brush applies glyphosate to rush and not the grass, in addition to relying on the height differential of the weed above the grass

To help support proper water stewardship Nufarm have partnered with Logic to offer a free spillage/drip tray with the first 100 Contact 2000 Weed Wipers sold. To visit Logic’s website click the logo above or for more information on the Contact 2000, click here.  

Best Practice Guidelines

  • Use approved products, applied by trained operators with current qualifications
  • Spray when weather and soil conditions are suitable
  •  Don’t spray if heavy rain is forecast
  • Don’t spray if there is a risk of drift
  • Fill AWAY from drains and water courses
  •  Respect buffer zones and areas between water courses and treated area


The Spraywise program is a comprehensive guide to best spraying practice for stewardship and return on investment. 

Water Stewardship Top Tips

An overview of  implications of Phenoxy stewardship and why it matters.

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